Accepting New Students Now!


Weapon Disarm Class
March 24 Saturday
Ages 18-Up
Senior Citizens Welcome to come.
Cost $25 Person
Lea-Alan Sports Complex 
3245 William Flynn Hwy Rt. 8 
Please Call for More Info
You will be taught:
How to Disarm a Handgun from an Attack from the Front.
How to Disarm a Handgun from an Attack from the Rear.
These Attacks will be Reality Based Assaults with a handgun.
They will be done slow with detailed instruction.

Training Weapons will be provided by M. Fletcher, Sensei
42 yrs experience in Martial Arts 32 years teaching. 
Only Civilian to be Certified to teach 
ALL Law Enforcement in Virginia.
He has taught all levels of LEO's from 
Towns, County, City, State Police, FBI and Military.

Call to reserve your spot

Baby Boomers....did you want to train in Martial Arts when you were younger but for some reason never had the chance or the time?
Well now is the time, I am looking to have a class for the baby boomers of Butler.
When what time etc, an ongoing class that you could get your rank in and/or learn to defend yourself!
Call me 724-201-1000
If are Home Schooled and your group would like a 6 week course of Jiu-jitsu give me a call 724-201-1000
During the year I have several special clinics such as bring a friend night, singles night, couples night, women's self defense night, high school night etc. We can schedule your Fraternity, Sorority, company, school, church, neighborhood or group night as well, call me and let me know what you would like to do!
Weapons Training
Traditional Weapons - Bo (Staff), Tonfa (Side Handle Baton), Jo (50"), Hanjo (Half Jo 28"), Nunchaku (NOT Num Chucks), Katana (Sword).
Present Day Weapons - Disarming small firearm Disarming long firearm, Disarming knife, Disarming blunt weapon (bat, tirearm etc)
Plus others.
Stun Guns, Tasers and Pepper Spray Available!

Schedule your Escape Class ages 6-12 and Teens 13-17 and Adults. 

Check out the Escape Program for more info.

If you are interested in having your high school/College here at the dojo one day/evening a month to train together call me and we will set something up!

I can come to you!

To train your group in Jiu-Jitsu, Traditional Arts, Goshin-Do (Self Defense applications) weapons defense etc. This can be for your Fraternity- Sorority- Church- Work- Group- Family-etc. Ill even schedule your birthday party! Fun time for all!

Call me and lets set it up!