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List of Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo Yudansha:
  1. Brad Eckard
  2. Erik Shifflett
  3. Chris Southerly
  4. Dee McDonough
  5. Ryan Harrigan
  6. Mitch Lovinger
  7. Dale Shifflett
  8. Margie Warren
  9. Lawrence Logan
  10. Anahely Cruz
  11. Rob Johnson       

~ You can get Yudansha (Black Belt) you just have to work for it ~

July 12th 2012

NOTE: The date is wrong in the above photo\\\\\\\"

I tied her first one I tie the last one. She is the 10th one I have promoted in 26 years!

Anahely started training with me July 2006 at 12 years of age.

You have worked hard and you are a great example of what a Yudansha stands for, I am so proud of you! M. Fletcher, Sensei

The Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo is by no means a Belt factory, is it a high standard Traditional Japanese Martial Arts DOJO!


June 30 2012

Congrats to Marcus for winning his cage fight

TKO 2:50 of the first round!!

TKO 2:50

Jiu-jitsu Tournament in Northern VA

1 - 1st Place

2 - 2nd Place

1 - 3rd Place

Proud of ALL you guys!

I am proud of ALL the members that entered the Tournament at SHS also thanks to the members that came to support them!

Ali 1st Place SHS Tournament Kata - Tomari Bassai

Jacob 3rd Place Kata - Rohai 4th Place Weapons - Jo

Zechariah 1st Place Kata - Chino Kata

Even when lined up you can see a difference in the Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo and others.

SHS Tournament

Congratulations to Donnie Plumly and Eric Leidner!!!!!

Both of these young men took 2nd place in their divisions in a Jiu-jitsu Tournament hosted by usgrappling Sat Aug 2nd 2008 held at the U Turn in Richmond VA. !!

I am very proud of both of these young men.

The competition was for points and 3 or 4 minute round, depending on your experience etc.

The Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo trains in Jiu-jitsu Mon-Weds. These guys were competing with guys that train in Jiu-jitsu 4 to 6 days a week, and still placed in the top two!!

The tournament was very well organized and run well! They had 100-150 competitors maybe more!

This Summer Camp with the Chikubu-Kai, the Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo had two students to take two awards!

The Most Improved Male Junior was

  • Jacob Emmerman

Jacob is The son of Dan and Theresa Emmerman and brother to Sagan. Jacob is 7 years old and made quite an impression on Bill Price, Soke head of the Chikubu-Kai as this was his choice for this outstanding award!

The Most Imporved Male Adult was

  • Donnie Plumly

I am very proud, as is all of the Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo (Harrisonburg Dojo) membership of these two members!

Michael Fletcher, Shihan

The Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo had special guest Shihan Shoji Kiyama from Japan to train with the membership of the Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo July 9th 2008! Kiyama, Shihan taught the JoDo to the Dojo membership. The Jo is a weapon that is 50" in length and 1" in diameter. The JoDo that Kiyama Shihan trains in has been handed down for the past 450 years so there is a lot of history!

Kiyama, Shihan is Michael Fletcher, Shihan JoDo Sensei, and has been training with Kiyama, Shihan since 1992.

Kiyama, Shihan is the 7 time ALL JAPAN Champion with the Jo!

March 22nd 2008

David Alltop and "Donnie" Paul Plumly competed in a submission only Jiu-jitsu tournament in Winchester, VA. held by US Grappling.

David received two 1st places and two second places. David also had the longest match the record states 68 mins. but we noticed it was 78 mins. that's 1 hour and 18 mins with NO water breaks no time outs no resting!

Donnie received a third place and had the fastest tapout of 10 seconds!

Here are the results of the tournament: ( )

David and Donnie both did outstanding matches!

I am very proud of both of these young men in their accomplishments!

Michael Fletcher, Sensei

Jiu Jitsu

The Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo  have classes for Law-Enforcement and Military personnel. If you are active in either stop by and start your training today!

I am the only civilian that is certified as a Defensive Tactics Instructor with the Department of Criminal Justices Services (DCJS) certified to teach Defensive Tactics to Law-Enforcement in the state of Virginia.