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Classes Tue and Thur 7:45pm-9:15pm

Approximately 3/4 of our system is taught in the Karate class. The style of Karate that we train in is called 'Kuniba-Ha Shito-Ryu'; which is an authentic traditional Japanese martial art, coming to Japan from Okinawa and to Okinawa from China. The style was founded by Shogo Kuniba Soke, and emphasizes proper technique over power and strength. You'll learn Kihon, Kata, Bunkai, and Kumite (see the Style page for details).


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Located upstairs                                             Butler Health and Fitness                                 215 North Duffy Rd. Butler, PA.
Tuesday Kids Class Ages 7-12 7:35-8:35pm Thursday Adults 16-Up   7:45-9:15pm         Jiu-jitsu/Ground fighting/Self-Defense

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Michael Fletcher, Sensei

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