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Technique and Principle

Written by a San Kyu (Brown Belt) his perspective on Kata and principles. I thought this was/is outstanding for this young man to see these things! The authors name is Rob Johnson, a student of mine that I am very proud of.

  • Technique is the expression of principle in a specific time and environment.
  • There is no set technique only set principle.
  • Techniques are different in every instance, but in every instance a technique is performed, the principles stay the same.
  • The only thing that inhibits one's knowledge of techniques is one's ability to apply principles.
  • To enhance one's ability to apply principle and therefore increase one's knowledge of techniques, one must firmly grasp the fundamentals of each principle.
  • You can teach technique, but you can only demonstrate principle.
  • Technique is tangible and principle is intangible.
  • Kata is principle.
  • To understand kata is to understand principle.
  • To practice kata is to practice principle.
  • Kata is the gateway to technique.
  • When performing kata, your attacker should embody all the characteristics and traits of all people.
  • You train to the extreme but you fight naturally.
  • Extreme movements enhance natural movements.
  • Extreme movements teach you to harness power naturally.
  • Makiwara training builds resolve and patience not just calluses.
  • Karate training requires resolve and patience.

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