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Training here was one of the single most amazing things I ever decided to do. Sensei Fletcher is committed to his art, his training, and his students. If one is willing and able to devote time to training here, it truly will impact your life forever.

Julie K.

I'm (Kristy) not sure how to say what I want. It isn't just the class that is amazing. It's the teacher. Sensei has a way to passionately and effectively teach what is in his heart. He has practical applications that show you that you CAN be more than just a victim. I learned a lot and would challenge any woman no matter how tall or petite to come and listen and train. Never want it to happen but even if it helps just one of us, it will have been worth every minute.

Kristy O

Training at Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo has been an amazing experience. I trained for about 2 years and I have learned a ton. What is special about this style is that it is a complete system and this is what initially got me interested. I liked how it incorporates jiu-jitsu, karate-jitsu, judo and aikido all into one system so it prepares you for standing up and on the ground. What made my experience amazing was not only finding a great style but also finding a great Sensei. Training under Sensei Fletcher made all the difference. Having 36 years of experience, his dedication to the art and to training made my experience that much better. He teaches all the classes and is available during the day for one-on-one training. He stresses the importance of the small details in techniques and principles because he knows that those details make all the difference. Sensei teaches and prepares us for the street. As he says over and over again "in the street, there are no rules or referees". Pursing a career in law enforcement, it was the practicality and the reality based training that I fell in love with. Not realizing it when I first joined, I found out that Sensei Fletcher was a Certified Defensive Tactics instructor for police in Virginia, which has helped prepare me for my career even more. I could see (with my untrained eye) from the first time I observed a class that this dojo is very legitimate. It is hard to express in words how lucky I was to find this dojo and have the opportunity to train under my Sensei. Knowing that one day I will have to use what I am taught, due to the career I have chosen, I completely trust my life to it.

Rob J.

I can say unequivocally that training at Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo run by Mike Fletcher, Sensei, was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in life. Sensei Fletcher is able to simultaneously teach the techniques and principles of the fighting arts and set an example as to how the knowledge will be applied in a self-preservation scenario. Since the virtue of all martial arts is benevolence, Sensei Fletcher demands dedication and respect from his students and the result is a safe and effective training environment. The Martial Art taught here itself is also invaluable. With dedicated training the principle-based blend of four traditional Japanese styles Aikido, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Karate-Jitsu will start to reveal itself as a seamless and integrated fighting system of remarkable depth and effectiveness. Whether fighting on the ground, standing up, with or without weapons, against a single or multiple attackers, Sensei Fletcher has the experience and desire to teach good people how to protect themselves, and he's especially good at it. I would recommend Sensei Fletcher to anybody who is serious about learning a fun and effective martial art, because it changed my life for the better.

Matt M.

If you would have told me last year I would be training in a martial art, I would have laughed. This is something my husband and son did, not me. Well, here I am three months into training, and I love it.

Sensei is there every day starting at 11:00 a.m. Some days I go in over lunch and have a one on one lesson. I am not sure how many other places offer this kind of inidividual instruction. The group classes in the evening provide a time to practice what I am learning on different body types and different skill levels. Both classes challenge me everytime I go.

It is hard, physically and mentally. The skills I learn have everyday application. It is not about flair, it is about protecting myself.

Lisa R.

A few years ago, I was talking to another law enforcement officer and he mentioned he had been training off and on in martial arts. He suggested we go to the The Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo and speak with Sensei Fletcher. Having no idea what to expect, I walked into the dojo. After a short time with Sensei Fletcher I could see his passion for his style of martial art, and he appeared knowledgeable (to my untrained eye). I soon found out that Sensei Fletcher is a recognized civilian trainer for police officers. This certification is granted by the Department of Criminal Justice Services, which oversees police training standards in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Sensei Fletcher teaches all of the classes in the dojo. He is also available during the day for one on one training. He has dedicated his entire life to learning and teaching the art as it has been passed on to him. This is a no nonsense system taught by a dedicated man and recognized by the law enforcement standards of the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a police officer and a person who takes physical training very seriously, I can't imagine what else I would want from a dojo. I know that I am safer working the streets as a police officer than I was before I began this training. Even if I was not a police officer, I know the skills I have learned would be valuable for self defense in an ever-changing and increasingly violent world. I would recommend the The Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo to anyone who wants to learn a legitimate self-defense martial art, and especially encourage my fellow law enforcement officers to come in and see what the dojo has to offer.

J.R. D.

We moved to Harrisonburg in 2006 and I looked around for a martial arts school for my kids. After visiting the few popular schools in this area, I found the The Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo. I came in and spoke with Sensei Fletcher. He and I had our first, of many, long chats about kids, martial arts and life. I found that what he was teaching at the Dojo was what I had been looking for for years. A real style that has real world applications for people of every size and shape.

The Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo isn't flashy. There aren't walls of trophies. This isn't the place to "chase a black belt". There is only what you need to learn to survive. A training room and a dedicated teacher. I found that I wanted to learn along with my kids. We all signed up in August 2007. The training is VERY real. From the stand up classes to the ground nights we are learning techniques and the principles behind them. The limitations of what you can do are endless. I train with police officers, students, sales professionals, women and men, big and little. We learn with and from each other. My son and the others in the childrens class are learning the same things the adults learn. We all learn real world applications of the techniques we are taught. It hasn't made my boy a fighter. It is making him a boy who can recognize what he can and must do to survive. Whether it's in the school yard or a parking lot, he's preparing for whatever comes at him.

There is no other martial arts school that offers what Sensei Fletcher offers. A true and proven style. Access to the teacher for one-on-one time 4 days a week. If you have the time he'll work with you until it's time for the evening class...there's no extra charge. It's a benefit of being one of his students.

I highly recommend the The Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo to all who truly want to learn something that you can bet your life on.

Dan E.

I first started taking these classes to build my self-esteem and learn how to defend myself but, it has turned out to be so much more. It has helped me in every aspect of my life.

Donnie P.

Training at the dojo is one of the few places where I feel the freedom to make mistakes without being compared or judged. This feeling, combined with the efforts of others in the dojo, gives me a drive to improve myself for the sake of being a better person, both in the Dojo and outside.

Lillian L.

In the short time I've spent at the The Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo, I've felt welcomed and a part of something special. Everyday of training is a great mental and physical challenge.

Jeff C.

I have learned just the very beginning of the versatility of the art and the versatility of kata, of mind and body, and the only limit to the art is my imagination.

Joe W.

The Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo is the place where I am pushed to my limits in an atmosphere that fosters respect, hard work and dedication.

Lawrence L.

My previous training in Tae Kwon Do and American freestyle karate left me feeling frustrated because much of what I learned did not work on the bigger, stronger men I trained with. After training at the The Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo, I now know that size and strength is not the important thing. Proper technique is the key to truly being able to defend yourself.

Margie W.