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The ESCAPE! Program was conceived and developed by Michael Fletcher, Sensei of the Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo and a Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor for the State of Virginia for Law Enforcement with the Department of Criminal Justices Services (DCJS).

Michael Fletcher, Sensei was recently awarded on WHSV TV3 for the "Making a Difference" program. The show was focused on Fletcher, Sensei's contribution to the community with the ESCAPE! program.

The ESCAPE! Program is designed for kids 6-12 and teens to adults. We also have an ESCAPE! program perfect for the new driver or college student. The ESCAPE! Program will teach the student how to prevent a carjacking and/or abduction.

ESCAPE! is a very informative program teaching what and what not to do in an attempted abduction. ESCAPE! is a tool for you to use to help keep you from being a victim.

Each Escape class is taught without scare tactics! Humor is used during appropriate times. However, the seriousness of this program is never out of mind!

The ESCAPE! Program is taught in three parts to fit your needs:

  • Part 1: What they'll say and how they'll say it
    • How to recognize a bad stranger.
    • How to pick up the words that a bad stranger will use.
    • What to say if a bad stranger approaches and how to say it.
    • The tricks that a bad stranger will try to use to get to your child!
  • Part 2: What to do if put into a stranger's car (front seat, back seat, or trunk)
  • Part 3: Hands on tactical portion, priciples for how to escape from grabs

With summer coming up fast ESCAPE! can help ease your worries and help you and your child feel, and be, just a little safer!!

ESCAPE! also offers clinics for the teens and adults. Call now to schedule an appointment for your club, sorority, fraternity, company, PTA, neighborhood, church, school, sports team, or any group of people!

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