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Michael Fletcher, Sensei

Composite of Kuniba Soke, Price Soke, 
and Sensei Fletcher

Fletcher, Sensei is the Sensei of the Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo. He began his Martial Arts training in 1976 with a style other than Kuniba-Ha Shito Ryu. After meeting Kuniba Soke in 1986, Fletcher Sensei became a member and has remained an avid proponent of Kuniba-Ha Shito Ryu and Kuniba Ryu Goshin Do. "I learned more with Kuniba, Soke in a three day seminar than I had in 7 years prior training!" Fletcher, Sensei continued to train with Kuniba, Soke up to the day he passed away July 14, 1992.

Febuary 8, 1987 - Received Shodan-Ho from Kuniba Soke

1987 - Appointed to position of Sensei by Shogo Kuniba, Soke in his arts Kuniba-Ha Shito-Ryu and Kuniba Ryu Goshin-Do

July 11, 1987 - Promoted Shodan, (1st)  by Kuniba Soke. Shihan Price became Fletcher, Sensei's Teacher at this time.

August 8, 1989 - Promoted Nidan (2nd) by Kuniba, Soke and Shihan Price

1991 - Most Improved Instructor (award presented by Shogo Kuniba, Soke)

1991 - Outstanding Dojo (award presented by Shogo Kuniba, Soke)

1992- Promoted Sandan (3rd) by Kuniba, Soke and Price Sensei.(Kuniba, Soke signed this menjo before his passing away in July)

1992 - Most Outstanding Dojo (award presented by Shogo Kuniba, Soke)

Kuniba Soke presenting Fletcher, 
Sensei with his first promotion Shodan-Ho.

1992 - Was one of eight people chosen to represent Seishin-Kai Martial Arts USA to go to Japan for the Memorial services for Shogo Kuniba, Soke. Kozo Kuniba, Shihan chose the people that were to go. Kozo Kuniba, Shihan is Shogo Kuniba, Soke's youngest son.

1992 - August 23, anchored a three man Kumite Team which placed third out of 24 teams. And placed 8th out of 64 in the individual Kumite. The tournament was held in Osaka, Japan at the annual Seishin-Kai Karate-Do Union tournament.

1995 - September 8th, The Chikubu-Kai was formed and organized.

1995 - Dojo of the Year (Awarded by Bill Price, Soke)

August 24, 1996 - Promoted Yondan (4th) by Price Soke

1998 - Sensei of the Year (Awarded by Bill Price, Soke)

1999 - Received Certification through Virginia Department of Criminal Justices Services (DCJS) for Defensive Tactics Instructor in which only two civilians have received in the state of Virginia who are not in Law-enforcement.

May 13, 2000 - Promoted Godan (5th) by Price Soke

2001 - Dojo of the Year (Awarded by Bill Price, Soke)

2001 - Sensei of the Year (Awarded by Bill Price, Soke)

October5, 2002 - Awarded to Shihan by William H. "Bill" Price, Soke

June 6, 2003 - June 6th Awarded WHSV-TV3 "Making a Difference"

2004 - October was contacted by Executive from Viacom representing MTV Music Television for a realistic self-defense documentary True Life: I am a Gun Owner. The footage was filmed at the Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo.

2005 - December MTV documentary was aired nationally on True Life: I'm a Gun Owner, with Michael Fletcher, Sensei showing techniques of handgun disarming and self-defense for women.

June 1, 2007 - Promoted Rokudan (6th) by Price Soke

2010 - Resigned from Chikubu-Kai

2011 - Changed name from Harrisonburg Hebi Ashi Dojo to Traditional Mixed Martial Arts Dojo.

Dec. 12, 2016 - Promoted to Nanadan (7th) by Price Soke  

Dec. 30, 2016 - Closed the Harrisonburg Dojo in Harrisonburg VA.

Mar. 1, 2017 Moved to Butler, PA.

Jan 2, 2018 Opened a Jiu-jitsu Class at Butler Health and Fitness, Butler, PA. 
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Michael Fletcher, Sensei

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