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Bill Price, Soke

William (Bill) Price Soke

Price Soke holds a unique position in traditional Japanese/Okinawan martial arts. He is Soke Dai (second family head) of Kuniba-Ha Shito-Ryu Karate-Do and Kuniba Ryu Goshin-Do having been personally appointed to that position by Shogo Kuniba, Soke prior to Kuniba Soke's death in July of 1992. As such, Price Soke became the first non-Japanese to head these two arts and the organization (Chikubu-Kai Karate-Do) under which they operate.

Price Soke's involvement in traditional martial arts began with his training in Goju-Ryu karate-Do in Okinawa in 1962 under Yamashita, Sensei while a member of the U.S. Marine Corps. Leaving Okinawa for Vietnam in 1965, Price Soke continued his training for many years under other traditional Sensei, such as Nagamine Shoshin, Sensei of Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do, (This is the same Nagamine, Sensei that taught Kuniba, Soke).

In 1971 a major milestone occurred in Price Soke's martial arts experience when he met and began training under Shogo Kuniba, Soke. Kuniba Soke moved to Virginia from Osaka, Japan in the early 1980s. This allowed Price Soke to train more frequently and intensely with Kuniba, Soke. Before his death, Kuniba Soke promoted Price Soke to the rank of 8th Dan and that rank has been recognized by the Japan Karate Federation, (JKF) and the Seishin Kai Karate Union of Japan, which was founded by Kosei Kuniba in 1943. Price, Soke was also appointed by Shogo Kuniba, Soke as the Soke Daiko of Kuniba-Ha Shito-Ryu and Kuniba Ryu Goshin-Do in his declaration that he made months before passing away.

Price Soke has combined his experience in martial arts with a distinguished career in law enforcement. A former Virginia State Trooper, Price Soke has served as head administrator for Southwestern Virginia Law Enforcement Academy, served a four-year term as Sheriff of Russell County, Va., and is now Retired as Chief of Police for the City of Bristol, Va.

In addition, Price Soke was the head instructor for defensive tactics with the Virginia State Police and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. Price Soke is a pioneer in developing a curriculum for teaching defensive tactics to police officers and instructors. He has taught police officers and martial artists from Japan to Sweden and throughout has stayed committed to the traditional martial arts of Japan and Okinawa.

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